What we offer

Management Consultancy

Maximize your company's potencial with specialized management consultation. We have expertise especially in administrative improvement, overseas expansion and more....

Civil Engineering Consultancy

We have more than 30 years of experiences in civil engineering consulting specialized in water and sewer services, solving worldwide water-related problems.

Overseas expansion support

Total support for overseas expansion of Japanese companies in Southeast Asia by utilizing JICA project schemes.

Dispatch water experts

Based on our thirty years of experience in civil engineering consulting fields, we will connect water experts and local municipalities and others who need their expertise.

Medical Tourism

If you are interested in the latest medical care, Japan is the best place of the world to receive it. We welcome you from all over the world, especially from Asia, supporting you by planning and managing a tailor made tour introducing the perfect clinic for your needs


Planning, operating and managing various events

Support and counsel services for foreign people living in Japan, and more