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GIEMONPRO Water Production is a production that mediates between water specialists who want to demonstrate their skills and experience and play an active role widely, local governments and other organizations that need water specialists.


We provide total support for free water specialists by making full use of our network of water engineers in Japan and overseas .

Benefits of registration
Benefits of registration ❶ Perform sales activities on your behalf

To work freelance, you have to spend a lot of time on sales activities. Occasionally, it takes time to study the technology and know-how that should be the basis. Water professionals sell to water-related organizations on your behalf and receive orders for various projects.

Benefits of registration ❷ Leave business management to us

If you get a freelance job, you will have to do various derivative tasks such as contract negotiation, preparation of office documents, and schedule adjustment. Water Pro reduces your burden by standing between you and your customers and providing business management support.

Benefits of registration ❸ The main customers are national, local government, and overseas businesses

In the case of private business, it is difficult to contract with a large-scale business or public institution due to credit problems. At Mizupro, we make full use of our human network to carry out sales activities as a corporation, so it is possible to receive large-scale work such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, local governments, and overseas businesses. As always, we will be able to contribute to the local community and society by making the most of your skills and experience through work with high public interest.

Advantages of registration ❹ We propose projects that match your skills and needs.

If you are a freelancer, you may be forced to accept the case due to continuous orders and stable income even if you work in a different way or under conditions that you do not want. Mizupro handles a wide range of projects, from projects that can be completed in one day to stable projects that occur throughout the year. We will introduce the most suitable project according to your desired work style, conditions, and experience as a specialist.

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