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GIEMONPRO Medical tourism

Interested in the latest medical technology of regenerative medicine, cancer or diabetes treatments in Japan?

We associate with premium top class of hospitals that consult with advanced medical technology. Professional experienced international medical coordinator will provide patient care during the stay.


We associate with premium top class of hospitals that consult with advanced medical technology and coordinate a medical tour for patients from all over the world.


We provide high-end total support including matching of hospitals, application of medical visa, introduction of accommodations of highest prestige and various support when visiting Japan.


Experienced international medical coordinator staff will arrange hospitals and doctors according to the patient's physical condition.


We are associated many hospitals all over Japan that specialize in international medical examinations. We will match the best medical examinations for patients.


We will apply for a medical visa application issued to foreign patients and their companions visiting Japan for the purpose of receiving treatment in Japan.


A top-class Japanese doctor provide high-technology medical treatment in prestigious hospital.


Interpreter service

Transportation service

Private sightseeing tour

Payment agency and others.



Travel Agency



Zero Phoenix

We are the best partner to coordinate the medical trip to Japan, collaborating with travel agency, associated hospitals, accommodations and other partners.

If interested in a medical trip to Japan / in collaborating with GIEMONPRO...

Hospitals and treatments

There is a network of medical institutions throughout Japan, and we have a system that working closely with patients.


Midtown Shinjuku

Roppongi Marunouchi

Regenerative medicine

Mainly offers treatment for knee osteoarthritis. A safe and secure treatment using your own blood and adipose stem cells.

Cancer treatment

Our cancer specialists use state-of-the-art technologies such as Immune cell therapy, cancer gene therapy, and cancer immuno-therapy (NKM).

Diabetes mellitus

A gentle treatment that focuses on stem cell regenerative treatment so that stress free for the patient's body.

Blood purification therapy

Our specialist remove the causes of lifestyle-related diseases from the blood in the body to improve our health.


High concentration vitamin C, Diamond Placenta, PRP-FD Anti-aging.

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