Overseas business support

Overseas expansion support

For companies considering overseas expansion to Asia, why not take advantage of JICA support projects?


Giemonpro will utilize its 30 years of experience to support private companies with high-quality proposals and their commercialization.

What is a JICA support project?

The JICA support project is a project by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to support the matching of development needs of developing countries with the products and technologies of Japanese private companies.

There are three phases: basic survey, project development survey, and dissemination demonstration business commercialization project, and private companies make proposals and applications for each open call for participants. In response to the adopted proposal, JICA will place an order for business to a private company in the form of a business consignment, in which the private company will proceed with its own overseas business development.


Since some of the expenses required to prepare for overseas expansion, such as travel expenses and local activity expenses, are covered by JICA's outsourcing expenses, it is possible to proceed with overseas expansion at a relatively low cost.

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The targets of JICA support projects are projects in fields that are effective in improving and eliminating development issues (water purification / water treatment, waste treatment, environment / energy, etc.) in developing countries.

If your company has products and services related to development issues in developing countries and is considering expanding overseas, it is effective to utilize the JICA support project.

◆ Strengths of Giemon Pro


Giemon Pro has 30 years of experience in the construction consulting industry (especially the water and sewage sector) and has been involved in numerous JICA projects.

We provide total support from the creation of proposals to the implementation of local projects.