Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the social and cultural development of the world, addressing the challenges of development, with the heart of courtesy, peace and gratitude.

"Gi" of GIEMONPRO, our company name, means technology and also high technique in Japanese. We also put a meaning of PROfessional, PROmotion, and PROject management into the syllable "Pro".

We consider that contributing to the society, enhancing our individual technical skills and ability to solve social problems, is our responsibility.

Company profile
CEO Biography

Tatsuo Morimoto

Starting my own new business as a consultant, had been my goal for a long time. After thirty years working at Pacific Consultants Co., LTD., one of the biggest civil engineering consultant companies in Japan, I fortunately had an opportunity to set about realizing my dream. 

One year has passed since Giemonpro started in 18th of July 2018, and I'm very grateful for all the support I have received till now.